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Marketing Branding and PR expert Anil Bhattarai

About Anil Bhattarai

Social Media Strategist, Growth Hacker, PR professional and an Entrepreneur

Born on 15th July, 1993, Anil Bhattarai has always been curious. With an innate knack for solving problems he eventually started identifying problems for business owners, creators, and coaches and helped them scale their business by 10x using his Omnipresence Strategies.

Anil's Featured Keynote

You can scale your brand and business a 100 fold within a short period of time by using the Omnipresence strategy.

My clients have experienced an unprecedented growth in their growth and conversion once they applied the strategy to their brand.

Books by Anil

Anil loves sharing what the has learned over the course of time. Hence he has written a few books covering the topics he knows about sharing his expertise.

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Anil has helped scale our brand from zero to 100 within a very short period of time. He has shattered all my old belief that it takes time to scale a business.

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Anil's Blog

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Jan 7, 2021 – Anil Bhattarai

Insane Instagram Growth Tips no one told you

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Jan 7, 2021 – Anil Bhattarai

How to scale your business super fast...

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Jan 7, 2021 – Anil Bhattarai

Did I create this statue? Absolutely not